Nanami Researches of Education

< Seminars and Enents
 “Target Customers” OR “Subject to the Event and Seminar”

                  1.      Companies and Groups which consider to hold a job training
2.      Individuals who want to build up business skills

1. (For foreign people who work in Japan):
・General Job Training
・Telephone Manners
・Complaint Handling
・Communication Skill
・Hospitality to Guests from foreign Countries
・Preparation of Documents
・Self Management, such as Stress Control
・Japanese Pronunciation, Vocalization, Accent
・Intercultural Communication
・Enhancing Your Image


2. (For Japanese people who work overseas):
 ・Differences between Japanese custom and foreign customs in business
 ・Importance of building Multilingual Website


3. (Others)  
      ・Coaching for Examination
 ・Seminar for Students (Primary School, Junior High School, High School, University, and so on)
 ・Japanese Dialect
 ・Blog: theory and practice
 ・Natural Living Experience


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