Nanami Japanese School

<Introduction Japanese Courses

Currently, there is no new recruitment of individual students.
We conduct group classes for employees who belong to the company.

We provide Japanese language lessons for foreign residents with resident status.


Conduct a lesson in your company's meeting room.


1, Survival course (capacity consultation)

For those who have just arrived in Japan,
we will focus on "Japanese conversation (living Japanese conversation)"
that is necessary for Japanese life.Introduce yourself, ask, tell, read signs, at a hospital, etc.
Those who can take home study time for letter practice (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji) are the conditions of the course.※ During the class, we don't practice writing.

● Lesson time: 100 minutes once, 2 lessons / set of all 10 times ⇒ 20 lessons in total.


2, Business Japanese "basic course" (capacity consultation)

You will learn "Beginner Business Japanese"
for people who are doing office work in Japan.

Basically, it is conducted in Japanese, so beginner level Japanese
It is intended for those who can understand.

You will learn Japanese including basic knowledge
that is useful for business including honorifics used at work,
Japanese business practices and attitudes.

● Lesson time: 1 time 100 minutes · 2 lessons / set all 8 times ⇒ total 16 lessons

3, Business Japanese "Basic short-term course" (capacity consultation)

This course is for those who want to study the above 2 courses in a short period of time.

● Lesson time: 150 minutes once · 3 lessons / set of all 5 times⇒ total 15 lessons.


4, Business Japanese "Advanced course" (capacity consultation)

All classes will be in Japanese.
Target N1 acquisition degree.

Focusing on honorifics, we will study Japanese business practices
including Japanese business customs, attitudes, attitudes and phone manners.

The class takes in many activities and actively learns.

● Lesson time: 1 time 200 minutes · 4 lessons / set all 6 ⇒ total 24 lessons.


5, Arrange course (capacity consultation)

This course is based on business conversations in a typical office,
and the Japanese language used depends on the type of business and department.

Therefore, we will study Japan with content tailored to companies and organizations.
Use original teaching materials.

We will give Japanese lessons in advance after meeting
with the person in charge of the company.

Please inquire for details.

● Lesson time: We accept 100 minutes, 2 lessons.
5 times (10 lessons in total).

We will arrange for your request.

※ In the case of "pre-hearing" with the person in charge,
one lesson fee + transportation expenses will be charged.


<Information for Restaurant Japanese Course>


We will create and implement a curriculum that caters to the company's intention,

with courses specialized for the restaurant industry.

This is a Japanese language course for foreigners working in a restaurant (IZAKAYA).

The Japanese language of the hall, the Japanese language of the kitchen,

and the details will vary depending on the company.

past record:

Japanese used in the hall,

Japanese used in the kitchen,

Recommend today's menu to customers,

Japanese when taking tableware for the table,

Explain the menu.

Meet, send off etc.

Please inquire for details.



We are currently not recruiting
non-employee lesson courses and online courses.


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